Why Choose Kaloma – Testimonials

We stand out because:

  • Being a small community there is the advantage of knowing the person, building on friendships and activity within our community.
  • Enables you to stay within your rural community among family and friends who know you so well
  • Well educated, qualified, competent and loyal staff who know how to smile.
  • Beautiful, serene, tranquil environment
  • Home cooked food which achieves regular praise from residents.
  • Participation in activities of the Goondiwindi and District and International communities
  • The support of family and friends is supported and encouraged
  • Spiritual support by Ministers of Religion and visits by our Chaplaincy Services
  • Strong links with our community within and outside of Kaloma


Testimonials – Why Choose Kaloma for Permanent and Respite Care

Our family lives far away, so it is comforting to know that our dad is being well looked after by the staff at Kaloma. They are all caring and dedicated to doing the best they can for the residents. This has been particularly evident since his move into Brigalow- the dementia wing. We couldn’t be happier with the way Dad has settled in. He is happier and more involved in activities and he has someone around 24/7 to keep an eye on him. His room is lovely and bright and clean and I love the old photos and items to stimulate memories around the facility.  The activities are great and Dad loves the animals and staff. As a visitor, you feel the efforts and care taken to make the old ones feel at home.

If ever there are reasons for communication, it is always prompt and options discussed together for Dad’s best care. Dad has lived at Kaloma for many years and we would not hesitate to recommend it to others in a similar situation.

Carol Jakacki


We are nearing the second anniversary of my wonderful wife of fifty years entry into the Brigalow dementia wing of Kaloma Home for the Aged. She slowly deteriorated at home till we felt she would be happier and more comfortable at Kaloma. Her position became available and we settled her in at short notice. The staff were extremely helpful with information and assistance for myself and daughter as we settled Dottie into her room and familiarised her with the excellent amenities provided. It could have been a difficult time for us but we could not have wished for a more friendly and cooperative introduction.

Although she knew she was in a strange place Dottie accepted the situation calmly. She was shown around the living areas and amenities and felt comfortable in the company of the staff and other residents. In her condition I feel she felt it was another family situation so she felt at home, rather than as though she had lost everything!  Very comforting for us all as her family, and me as her husband in particular.

I visit Dottie at least couple of times per week. I have been so impressed with the dedication of all the staff. Without exception they provide company and assistance across such a wide range of conditions presented by the residents in the Brigalow wing ,without ever exhibiting any sign of impatience or lack of empathy as they manage what could be very difficult situations.

There is a continuous programme of games, puzzles, painting and colouring, walking in the garden and occasionally bus trips to functions in the community and local venues. There are a number of musicians and show people who give a lot of time to provide entertainment to the Kaloma residents on a regular basis.  I am endlessly amazed at the variety of activities managed for the residents. This obviously ensures that there is something to suit everyone and yet there is also provision for those who prefer to quietly watch the activities and enjoy themselves.  For those who wish to participate there are fitness classes and short walks on the front lawns.

In the two years Dottie has been at Kaloma in Brigalow I have never visited and found her in her room! I find this extraordinary and an incredible testimony to the capacity of the management and staff to consistently provide such a friendly and supportive environment for these people who have been so unlucky in their lives.

As a frequent visitor to Kaloma I must compliment all the staff on creating such a welcoming environment in which we can meet and relate to our family members and friends, find quiet areas for company and relationship development, while providing smoko and snacks when it can be so comforting.   I can only congratulate you and your great staff for creating and maintaining such a wonderful organisation within our community. I feel so grateful that I have been able to feel so very comfortable   putting my wonderful wife in your care.

Thankyou all.

Dick Sudholz


Dad has resided at Kaloma for many years and during this time I have witnessed its transition from early beginnings to the wonderful facility it is today. Kaloma has transformed into a professional, well catered and caring aged care facility. This is important to our family as we live many hours away.   I have been especially pleased with Dad’s move to Brigalow – the dementia wing, where Dad is part of a very warm, caring and friendly environment. Whenever we visit we are welcomed as part of the Brigalow community family. Our family is very happy with the genuine care Dad receives at Kaloma.

I am also very thankful for the Newsletter/Chronicle that is published every month and posted on the website and emailed at family members requests. I would highly recommend Kaloma to families considering a residential care facility.

Raelene Lehane


 Our family have been very comforted by the wonderful care that mum has received since we decided that she needed to become a resident of Kaloma . We feel so fortunate that she did not have to leave her hometown to be able to live in such a safe and caring environment . She often tells me that she has every thing she needs in her room and how pleased she is not to be in that great big lonely house anymore. The staff have allowed mum to  continue to help with little jobs in the home and to arrange flowers which has always been a passion of hers . Wonderful activities are arranged throughout the week such as exercise classes, craft, painting, sing songs , and outings to the movies and restaurants . Nothing seems too much trouble for the staff and mum always looks well groomed . Kaloma is a very pleasant building ,surrounded by gardens including a vegetable patch and chook pen and has a magnificent outlook onto the golf course . There is also a resident bird , dog and cat . All these things along with the staff help to make Kaloma a wonderful, safe, caring environment to live .
 Janie Carson


My wife of 59 years had dementia and I was unable to provide the care that she needed.  It was a blessing to know that she was able to remain in the country town where she lived and raised our family.

Kaloma is a standout facility and totally supported by all sectors of the community which makes it unique in the aged care industry in a regional area.

I was comforted to know that my wife was in a place “just like home”. She was physically fit, despite her rapid onset of vascular dementia, and at Kaloma, my wife was provided with activities specifically tailored to her needs. She was able to reach her potential with culturally relevant activities and was able to maintain her spiritual identity with various pastoral care opportunities.

The CEO is totally personable and fully aware of what is going on at Kaloma. She maintains professional and efficient standards of service and leads a dynamic team, as evidenced by a low turnover of staff. She updated our family frequently with my wife’s status and she and her staff encouraged our whole family to participate in my wife’s daily activities. I could finally sleep peacefully at night knowing that my wife was happy and content at Kaloma and receiving the very best of care. Kaloma staff are very special people – doing a difficult job. Thanks for allowing me to continue to be her husband and not her nurse.

Kaloma not only took excellent care of my wife but they also assisted our family to navigate our way through the difficult end-of-life processes.  The Kaloma Palliative care team responded to our family’s every need whether it was day or night and once life-support was withdrawn, their treatment of my wife was professional, dignified and respectful.

I ask God to bless this fantastic facility. I thank Kaloma staff for their continued support of me as I continue to come to grips with being single again after 59 years of marriage.

Harry van Kuijck


Our mother was a dementia resident at Kaloma. We know that an extreme amount of professional care and patience is required when providing health services to residents with extreme memory loss. Like most residents with dementia, she griped about her condition – but we did not, because we knew that she was receiving excellent attention, great food and exceptional medical care at Kaloma. Our mother may have been out of touch with her own reality but she never lost her ability to speak her mind so when she repeatedly told us that she was pleased to be where she was – it mattered!

Kaloma’s unique style feels more like a home than a medical facility. This facility is truly very professional and the staff in the Brigalow Wing always have their eyes on the residents. They tended to our mother’s every need as if she was their own mother. Even though they have many other duties such as attending to medical needs, laundry, patient hygiene and daily activities they still took the time to interact with our mother making her feel special. There were many activities to keep her occupied and she loved the music and dancing and thrived on the activities provided by the lifestyle staff and volunteers to the centre.

We had total peace of mind knowing that our mum was cared for day and night.   As family members we felt part of the Brigalow family and we were always welcomed and encouraged to participate in her daily life there.

Our strong connections with Kaloma continue to this day and the strong bonds forged between staff, residents and their families, even long after our beloved mother has passed away, makes Kaloma a stand-out facility in a much sought-after “home-away-from-home” environment.

Joan van Kuijck


My mother Kathleen lives at Kaloma in the Brigalow Wing. Regularly when I visit Mum I can hear music playing as I walk through the doors. The atmosphere in the room is beautiful. The Lifestyle Staff and Carers have the residents sitting in a semi circle and  each resident has an instrument, while the staff are in  front encouraging them to sing. I saw residents that I have never heard speak before and here they where singing along to the songs. Also others where clapping in time with the music. It was just beautiful to see.

You can see that the Lifestyle Staff and Carers want to be there. They stop and speak to the residents and take the time to speak to relatives and visitors as well. Sometimes it is difficult to visit Mum but when you are greeted by warm and caring people it makes it so much easier to visit.  So thank you Kaloma.

Karen Travers


Testimonials –  Kaloma’s Home Care Program

Our 85 year old father moved into Goondiwindi after living on the family farm all his life.
Due to the many services available from the Kaloma Home Care Packages, he has been able to settle into his new life with ease.
It has allowed the family to have peace of mind knowing that his daily needs of personal care & house keeping are attended to by warm & caring staff from Kaloma.   I think Goondiwindi is very fortunate to have such a professional service available & Kaloma needs to be commended for the outstanding care it gives to all their clients here in town.
 Sam Coulton


Kaloma’s Background 

Established in 1987 Kaloma is a not for profit incorporated service which offers a friendly rural environment and tranquil location beside the local golf course.  We are the only residential aged care service within 100 klms.   We are very excited to advise that the Commonwealth government has awarded Kaloma additional bed licences and a $4million grant this year.  We already have 8 licences so we are looking to build 30 more beds at Kaloma in 2016, taking Kaloma to 80 beds.  The demand for both permanent and respite residential care is on the increase.  We have over 30 older people on our waiting list at the time of writing and this continues to grow each week.  Elders are not permitted to await placement for Kaloma in our local hospital and may be expected to leave their community until a bed becomes available at Kaloma  We are so pleased to be able to meet the need in our community.

Currently Kaloma has 50 residential care places including an 18-bed dementia secure wing called Brigalow Wing . We provide support to all levels of are including dementia specific care in our residential and the community home care programs.

Kaloma is a certified and 3-year accredited service.

Kaloma’s home care program provides flexible consumer directed care packages to 25 older persons at home.  We are able to provide a 7-day per week service if the client wants this.  We have both level 2 and 4 home care packages.  Services may include but are certainly not limited to hygiene assistance,  housecleaning, laundry, ironing, medication assistance and assistance to social outings and medical appointments.

Kaloma owns 8 two-bedroom rental units which are rented to older persons.   Kaloma’s home care services are able to assist eligible residents who reside in these units.

Our staff are competent, caring and strive to provide a safe environment in which individuality is upheld and extended families are involved and feel cared about.  We offer an active and diverse lifestyle activities program which offers residents opportunities to maintain community contact so important in a rural community.  We enjoy wonderful support from our local community and our family of volunteers.