Additional Services

Kaloma no longer has an ‘Extra Service’ licence but instead we offer ‘Additional Services’ to all residents.  Additional services in an opt-in service where Kaloma offers Menu Choices, Beer/Wine with meals; and Assistance to outside appointments which a family member or friend is unable to assist you to.

We are not able at this time to offer an extensive range of Additional Services but will work hard to ensure you are supported with access to services you may wish to avail yourself of and is not provided by Kaloma.

The cost of Additional Services is as follows;

Menu Choices – you would be provided with a weekly Menu which staff can assist you to complete if needed.  This will cost $10.00 per day.  We offer Menu Choices on an ongoing basis, not a day by day basis as we need to be able to order food and know quantities.  The main difference with Menu Choices is that you have the opportunity to order a hot breakfast.  All other residents receive a Continental breakfast of cereal, fruit, yogurt (if wanted), toast, tea/coffee/milo.

Wine/Beer with meals will be offered at $4.00 per glass of wine / per stubby.

Staff Assistance to Appointments will be charged out at $50.00 per hour.  These appointments will need to be made by Kaloma so that we can provide the necessary staffing.  This hourly rate includes hourly rate, superannuation, WorkCover insurance and so

Please speak to our CEO Penni Roberts if you wish to avail yourself of Additional Services.