Our Community and Support

Kaloma is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors who work diligently to ensure that Kaloma remains relevant to the needs of seniors in our community.

Community Support – Kaloma enjoys significant support from the community on an ongoing basis. We are pleased to be able to return that support by contributing back to the community by providing vital care to older persons and the use of goods and services. Here are some facts about Kaloma,

  •  50 bed high and low care facility which includes an 18-bed secure dementia specific wing and a short stay respite room
  •  21 level two (low care) home care  places
  • 4  level four (high care) home care places
  • 8 independent living rental units with eligible residents able to access a community care package
 Kaloma Injects Financial Support back into the local Community annually eg. 
    • Payroll $3.2 million  ( Kaloma employs 80 staff)
    • Food   $200,000
    • Tradesmen – repairs/maintenance and replacements/upgrades  $180,000
    • Allied Health Professionals & Pharmacy  $140,000
    • Rates $28,000

Developments and Upgrade of Building

2016       $8million.  We are pleased to report that Kaloma is extending our home by 30 beds in our quest to better meet the needs of our extended rural community. . For the first time we are providing additional choice by building some bigger rooms including two one-bedroom apartments. We hope to have this development completed by February 2017/    To better meet fire safety standards we are installing fire sprinklers throughout the facility during the construction of these additional bedrooms.  We are also taking the opportunity to upgrade the car parking facilities.

2012       $1.9 million  Infrastructure upgradeUpgraded kitchen and laundry, construction of maintenance area and loading dock,  Resident activities area, Chapel; and staff education area, new administration area, hair salon; Doctors Consultation Room/ TeleHealth facility

2009   $2.7 million8 bed high care dementia wing extension Warrigal and Brolga Wing dining and lounge upgrade Two panrooms installed and furnished

2003   $1.5 million  10 bed low care dementia wing