Kaloma’s major annual fundraising event is the Kaloma Charity Golf and Card Day which is held at the local golf course. Kaloma’s Fundraising Committee actively applies for grants from various organisations such as FRRR, Jupitors, The Community Benefit Fund and The Workforce Development Fund to name a few.

July is the month of the Kaloma Charity Golf and Card Day.  This is a fun event where up to 120 golfers tee off and 100 card and mahjong players remain in the club house, joining together for lunch and celebrations later in the day.  An auction completes the day where excellent prizes donated by many business houses are auctioned in favour of Kaloma.

The funds raised at these events go toward the purchase of equipment and improvement of services for residents.

Kaloma has been most fortunate in 2015 to receive a donation of $300,000 from Reardon Farms with a pledge of $1.5million over 5 years (dependent upon good farming seasons).  This wonderful gesture makes the 2016 development of a 16 bed extension and installation of fire sprinklers throughout the facility, more of a possibility and less stressful on our finances.  Thank you so much Rob and Jen Reardon.

Other individuals and families are generous to Kaloma in so many ways.  Such generosity enables us to give a little extra and enhance the services and environment for residents enjoyment and the upskilling of staff.

We are also beneficiary’s of the Vern Kleinschmidt Foundation which awards an annual grant of $10,000 to Kaloma.

Grant applications to organisations noted above has enabled Kaloma to provide individual ensuites to each bedroom; purchase equipment for resident use and undertake a Leadership Development Progam and other educational opportnities.   We actively apply for grants for our staff to upskill.   These grant monies benifit the wider community by the purchase of tradesmans services and the upskilling of local people.