Palliative Care

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At Kaloma we view caring for residents in the final stage of their life as a privilege. Being able to care for a dying resident who often has been in our  for many years is very special to us.  The care of family at this time is at the core of our palliative care model.   It is essential that every dying person has their wishes respected and dies a dignified symptom free death.

Our staff are skilled and well trained in providing palliative care and symptom management in collaboration with the resident’s doctor and family.   Most residents and their family prefer for the resident to die at home at Kaloma cared for by staff who are known to them and their families.

A regular feature of our palliative care program is to hold a case conference with the resident (if possible), family, the residents doctor and Kaloma staff who know the resident well.   It is essential that we know what the resident wants when he or she is dying eg. does he/she want to remain at Kaloma and not go to hospital, what level of medical interventions he or she may want. The residents doctor is on hand to answer any concerns or queries from family/friends. It is time where we can offer reassurance that the dying process can be well supported at Kaloma with competent skilled staff.

We actively use the Palliative Care Pathway Approach.   Our Kaloma Palliative Care Team actively support staff in providing quality care and service to dying residents and their families.   Local doctors are very supportive in our quest to meet the wish of residents to die ‘at home’ at Kaloma.