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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much will it cost?
    Fees vary from person to person, depending on your financial circumstances. The following link can be used for an estimated cost associated with your care
    Financial information specific to Kaloma can be found here

  2. Do I have to be local or come from QLD in order to be admitted to Kaloma?
    Kaloma allows admissions of people from anywhere in Australia and welcomes the diversity of different people and the places they come from. 

  3. Can I bring my pet dog or cat?
    Yes, depending on the animal, pets can be approved to live at Kaloma with you provided you are able to continue to care for it yourself and it is house trained. 

  4. Can I bring in my favourite chair, furniture and personal items?
    Yes, provided your room is large enough to accommodate your furniture you are welcome to bring in items from home. 

  5. Do you have a Registered Nurse on site 24hrs a day? 
    Kaloma endeavours to have a Registered Nurse (RN) on site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We also have a second Registered Nurse on call 24hours a day, 7 days a week to attend Kaloma if there is an emergency or to further support the staff on shift. 

  6. Will my Doctor come and see me at Kaloma or do I have to make a special appointment?
    Doctors visit at least once per month to see their patients. If you were to become unwell then your Doctor will often make a special visit that day or you can be transferred to hospital depending on your wishes at the time. For those who wish to see a Doctor before their usual Doctors next visit, a visiting Doctor from the local clinic comes to see residents every Wednesday.

  7. How will I attend Specialist appointments?
    Many residents of Kaloma see a specialist regularly either in Goondiwindi or away. For those who are unfit to travel Kaloma can facilitate telehealth appointments for the specialist to see and speak to them via video link up. Kaloma can organise any tests or interventions needed prior to the appointment. Residents who are fit to travel can be taken by their families to the specialist appointments. 

  8. Will I be allowed to have visitors during COVID-19?
    Kaloma visiting hours are governed by the current QLD Health Directions for Aged Care. When visitation is not restricted Kaloma allows visiting in business hours. We always ensure we do our best to minimise any restriction on the people who live here while still following current government recommendations. 

  9. Can I have a phone in my room? 
    Yes, Kaloma allows residents to have phones in their rooms, you will need to contact a telephone service provider to organise your landline.

  10. How do i get into Kaloma?
     Read the Step by Step before coming into Kaloma for Respite, Permanent Placement or Home Care Packages here...

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